Language - Montessori Early Childhood

Learn the philosophy, lesson sequence, and lessons within the language area of a Montessori early childhood environment.

"Hi there! I'm Marnie! I am so happy you're here. I know you will find this course useful to your homeschool journey. I bring together everything I've learned over the years as an AMS Montessori trained teacher & parent plus coaching and community to support and encourage you. Remember, I will be with you every step of the way. You can do this!"

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"I have been following Marnie and her work for the last year. All I can say is that I wish she and her newsletter had been around 20 years ago when I was in the classroom full-time. " ~ Carrots Are Orange reader


“I am always amazed at Marnie’s interactions with people (inside and outside the classroom), both kids & adults. She is approachable, friendly, always up for offering knowledge & guidance. She shows a genuine interest and love for helping people with methods to approach learning and life that works for them.” ~ Michelle S., Montessori parent

"I am a mom of 3, and Montessori draws to me. Last year I tried to homeschool my 5 year old and it was challenging. I had many of the materials but the implementation and sequencing had me baffled. I searched Pinterest and Facebook and Marnie's ideas and programs kept in coming up. Then I watched her teach a simple pouring lesson and it opened my eyes and I knew I wanted to learn from her. I got on the bandwagon and ordered her 30 days to Montessori and it really was helpful to me and my family. I have been awaiting her homeschool program with bated breath, because I know it will be high quality just like her other programs and materials are." ~ Jennifer L., Homeschooling parent


"I participated in Marnie's 30 days to Montessori e-mail course. I knew Montessori was the type of education and lifestyle I wanted to give to my kids. Marnie’s course was great in helping me lay the ground work for our Montessori lifestyle. We are beginning Montessori homeschooling. Her course has helped me better be able to prepare an environment and has helped me create a vision for my family and homeschool." ~ Madison, 30 Days to Montessori email student

Montessori Teachers

"Marnie has a wealth of information to offer about Montessori homeschooling, based not only on her training but personal experience as well. You only have to take a cursory look at her blog to recognize that she is the real deal. She knows how to present information in an easy-to-understand manner and can hone in on the absolute essentials you need to know." ~ Seemi, Trillium Montessori, Montessori Directress

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